What is Eat Real Simple all about?

Eat Real Simple is here to share with you how to eat real simple and incorporate good nutrition without skimping on good taste during complicated times.

Life can be challenging enough when you are dealt with a change in your health, or the one you love or care for.

Eat Real Simple is about change and a new beginning because this is the game of real life.  Sometimes you have to adapt.  So let’s eat real simple and keep the happy in the kitchen.

Eat Real Simple is currently featuring ACE Anti Cancer Edible recipes.  

Here are the 7 principals of ACE Anti Cancer Edibles. 

  • Lots of colorful veggies with a concentration on dark greens
  • A little meat (which should be organic, lean, and grass-fed)
  • A little fruit (mostly low glycemic)
  • Little to no sugar (especially refined)
  • Little to no dairy
  • Very few eggs
  • No more than 30 grams of carbs from grains, bread, or potatoes a day.

We want to help you keep the happy in your kitchen for both you and your loved ones by sharing recipes, nutritional information, menu planning, tips, and more.  I hope you join us on your journey to discovering how to eat real simple without skimping on good taste.

To Your Good Health Always,

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A little about me….

Over the years, I have done consulting and marketing of progressive products to various groups.  This has included areas of finance, fashion, design, nutrition, event planning, along with gourmet product and recipe development.  I became interested in cooking, and then my interest in nutrition became prevalent due to some health constraints of my own.  Of which, I overcame.  I believe food does makes a difference.  Because I loved cooking so much and had so many recipes, I created and developed The Gourmet Organizer and toured with Southern Living Cooking School on a dual promotional tour.

I am a healthy food coach teaching others how to incorporate nutritious yet flavorful recipes that can impact their health.  Showing others how the right foods can help prevent disease and help heal is the goal.  This is my love.

Currently my main concern and focus is on getting my husband healthy and developing Eat Real Simple along with ACE Anti Cancer Edibles and sharing my personal experiences to help others through their journey.